Beti Central

“BETI CENTRAL”, a solid fuel room heater is a version with the possibility of installation in a central heating system. It is suitable for heating residential areas of approx. 200 m², which depends on the heat loss on the house or the insulation. The heater inner protective sheath and heat exchanger are  made of boiler quality steel. The firebox door has a high quality fire resistant glass-ceramics installed, which allows better heating of the surrounding area and creates the perfect atmosphere of warmth provided by a flame in the heater. The outer sheath is made of stainless steel and there is the possibility of installing ceramic tiles instead, which does not affect the functionality of the room heater but changes the aesthetic experience. The tiles are available in colors of your choice.

Orders and aditional information


  • Fireplace dimensions [mm]:
    • 620 x 490 x 960
  • Flue gas exhaust pipe:
    • top
  • Flue liners connection:
    • Ø 160 mm
  • Maximum/Nominal power total kW:

    • 28/15
  • Maximum/Nominal power in water kW:

    • 21/10
  • Maximum/Nominal power in the environment kW:

    • 7/5
  • Water boiler volume (litres):

    • 26
  • Mean flue gas temperature in Degrees Celsius:

    • 300
  • Working degree:

    • >70%
  • Maximum/recommended filling interval:

    • 8,5 / 5,2 kg/h
  • Wood logs: beech, hornbeam:

    • moisture <20%, lenght 25 – 33 cm
  • Maximum temperature of water in the system:
    • 95 °C
  • Connections of the water boiler;  water flow/return:
    • 1″
  • Conector air regulator:
    • 3/4″
  • Total mass:
    • 197 kg
  • Energy efficiency:

    • A
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