We offer production of different services/products using the following technologies:

– machine-processing – CNC turning (up to ø400×1000) and CNC milling (400×600)

– CNC sheet metal cutting (up to d = 150 mm, table 4000x2000mm)

– drilling – up to ø60

– grinding – planed 250×400

– rotary processing – ø300×800

– broaching – 80t, needle length up to 1800mm

– classic turning and milling

– locksmith’s/metal work – sheet metal cutting – up to ≠ 6×3000

– sheet metal bending – 80t x 3000

– stamping up to 63t

– welding of stainless and black materials

We have about 1400 m2 of closed workshop space and approximately 5500 m2 of open space.

In order to inform you as much as possible about our possibilities, we invite you to visit us. You can purchase products from our product range intended for general consumption either directly from us or at all better equipped stores.

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