The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund

Project title: POLJOSTROJ Ltd. Product Certification for Placing on the Market

Agreement Reference Number: KK.

User name: Poljostroj d.o.o. (Ltd.), Donji Vukašinac 21, 10342 Dubrava, Croatia

Total project value: HRK 42,423.00 

EU grant: HRK 36,475.00

The project is co-funded by: European Regional Development Fund

Project implementation period: 1 April 2018 – 1 October 2018

Contact person: Stjepan Borak, Managing Director

Short description of the project:

Poljostroj Ltd. signed a Grant Agreement  on 26 March 2018 with the Ministry of Economy, Business and Trade to implement a project called “POLJOSTROJ Ltd. Product Certification for Placing on the Market”, Agreement Reference Number KK. The implementation of the project was co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds within 2014-2020 financial period.

The goal of the project: increasing of sales revenue, increasing of export revenue and launching products in new markets.

The project ” POLJOSTROJ Ltd. Product Certification for Placing on the Market ” will accomplish its  main objective, i.e. to obtain the CE marking and will provide the preconditions for increasing the export and overall competitiveness of the company in the field of production of cookers and solid fuels heaters for central heating of 24- 38 kW, more specifically 3 products:

• LJUBICA central heating cooker/stove (24 kW), 

• BETI CENTRAL solid fuel heater (28 Kw) 

• ŠTEFANIJA solid fuel heater (38 Kw).

The implementation of this project will lead to the realization of several elements, namely:

• strengthening overall competitiveness, 

• increase in sales revenues 

• increase in export revenues 

• increase in number of employees. 

The project is prepared in accordance with the objectives of:

1  Product Certification for Placing on the Market Tender – the project will facilitate access to the domestic and foreign markets and will prove the quality of the Applicant’s products

2  Entrepreneurship Development Strategies in the Republic of Croatia 2013-2020 – the project will improve economic performance, access to finance, promote entrepreneurship, improve entrepreneurial skills and the business environment.

The project “POLJOSTROJ Ltd. Product Certification for Placing on the Market”, Agreement Reference Number KK. is implemented by Poljostroj d.o.o. (Ltd.) from Dubrava.

Contact person for more information: Snježana Borak

E-mail: poljostroj@poljostroj.hr


Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts

Ulica grada Vukovara 78

10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 01 6106 111

Email: info@mingo.hr

Web: http://www.mingo.hr/

Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investments

Ksaver 208

10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 488 10 15

Email: press@hamagbicro.hr

Web: http://www.hamagbicro.hr/

For more information on EU funds visit: http://www.strukturnifondovi.hr/

The content of the material is the sole responsibility of the company Poljostroj d.o.o. (Ltd.) from Dubrava

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