The solid fuel stove “JASMINA” has its origins in traditional stoves, perfected by modern technology using top-quality materials and appealing designs. It is used both for residential area heating and food preparation. The stove protective sheath and oven are made of stainless steel and the upper plate is of high temperature resistant boiler quality steel. The spacious firebox is lined with refractory material and allows cooking on the entire surface of the top plate and baking in the oven. The design of insulation on the sides, which allows additional heating of the space while not transferring heat to the outer sheath of the stove, allows the installation of our product in every modern kitchen and residential area. Possible exterior finishes and coating with ceramic tiles in various colours.

Orders and aditional information


  • Rated power:
    • 10 kW
  • Total mass:
    • cca. 170 kg
  • Flue liners connection:
    • Ø 116 mm,
    •  top, bottom, left, right, side 
  • Fireplace dimensions [mm]:
    • 1000 x 600 x 850
  • Oven:


      540 x 400 x 250
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